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2001 5th Street
Meridian, MS 39301
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Monday - Friday
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Q. I pressed charges against someone. Why hasn’t there been an arrest?                                                                                   

A. If after reviewing a statement of facts, a judge grants a warrant, we will verify the warrant(s) is on file. After that, we will attempt to locate and make the arrest. If you have additional information or changes contact 601-482-9804.

Q. How do I find out if I have a warrant?

A. Unfortunately, that information is not available by phone. You can approach any law enforcement officer and ask that question, and he/she will help you.

Q. Where do I pay my ticket? 

A. Lauderdale County Justice Court, 6th Floor of the Lauderdale County Courthouse Annex.

Q. How do I get my wreck report?

A. You can call (601-482-9806) and check to see if it is completed and approved and pick it up M-F from 8a-4p at the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Administration Office at 410 21st Avenue, Meridian, MS. 

Q. Are there charges for reports, fingerprints or background checks?

A. Yes. $10

Q. How much is the fee for Civil Process?

A. $45. If there is more than one document to serve at the same residence, the fee is an additional $5 for each.

Q. What form of payment do you take?

A. Cash or check

Q. Where is the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations?

A. Enter the Lauderdale County Courthouse Annex Lobby, go to the 4th floor via the elevator in the far corner.

Q. Are your employees available for speaking engagements?

A. Yes. Please contact the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Administration Office at 601-482-9806.

Q. How do I place a Restraining Order on someone?

A. The State of Mississippi no longer recognizes Restraining Orders, only Protection Orders. A County Court Judge may issue a Protection Order if the victim proves to be in a domestic relationship, i.e., married, dating, have a child together, are co-habitants, or are related.

Q. How can I find out bond information on an inmate?

A. Call (601) 482-9800. Automated phone service

Q. How can I find out if someone is in jail?

A. Call (601) 482-9800 Automated phone service

Q. How can I leave a message for an inmate?

A. Call (601) 482-9800 automated phone service providing inmate information, and you can select to leave an inmate a voicemail through Securus Phone System.

Q. How do I visit an inmate?

A. Inmates may visit one-hour biweekly. Individual inmate visits are on a case-by-case basis, as pre-approved by the Jail Administration.

Visitation days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, with separate times set for each housing pod.  Call (601) 482-9800 for specific times.

Q. How can I put money on an inmate's books?

A. Deposits into an inmate's account for commissary are at the kiosk locations in the detention facility lobby. You can also add money to an inmates account by visiting

We only accept Money Orders through the U.S. Postal Service.

Q. How can I call an inmate or purchase talk minutes for an inmate?

A. Our inmate telephone system is managed by Securus Technologies.  To set up an account for your phone, visit Securus Technologies website or call 1-800-844-8591.

Q. Can I leave a message for an inmate?

A.  Inmates can now receive voicemails. Call 601-482-9800 and access the Inmate Voicemail section of the Automated Inmate System to leave a 45 second voicemail(fees apply).

For more information about the inmate phone system go to:

Q. How can I write to an inmate?

A. Inmates may only receive mail sent through the U.S Postal Service.

Letters must have the sender’s full name and complete return address.

No stamps, photos, or currency allowed.

Q. Can an inmate receive books?

A. All books must be mailed to the inmate from a bookstore. 

    Once books are received they become the property of the LCDF.

    Disallowed books may be released back to a named individual 

    in a Property Release Form signed by the inmate. 

Q. When are clergy allowed to visit inmates?

A. Monday-Friday 9-11:30 a.m and 1-2:30 p.m.

    Clergy must complete an initial process of approval prior                    visitation.

        Mail inmate correspondence to the following address:

Lauderdale County Detention Facility

Inmate’s Full Name

2001 5th Street

Meridian, MS  39301