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The Patrol Division consists of three Lieutenants, five Sergeants, two DUI Deputies, twelve Patrol Deputies, and nine Courthouse Deputies.

Each newly sworn deputy of the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office is required to attend a certified state academy and complete 480 hours of the State of Mississippi Standards and Training Board mandated basic training. Also, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office requires all sworn deputies to complete a seven-week Field Training Officer program and annual in-service training. This training encompasses ethics issues, legal updates and various operational areas to sworn personnel. The agency maintains records from each training course to include a lesson plan, course content, instructor name(s), names of deputies, and any test or performance measurements.


Major John Calhoun



Major John Calhoun is a 1992 graduate of Belhaven College. In 1997, he chose to pursue a career in law enforcement with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office. Major Calhoun graduated MLEOTA in 1999 and moved back to his hometown of Meridian for employment with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office.

Major Calhoun’s law enforcement service includes courthouse, patrol, and civil process deputy with contributions to SWAT as a member of the Entry Team, a Sniper, and a Crisis Negotiator. His specialty training certifications include Cert Investigations (CIP), FBI Crisis Negotiations, CIT Cert Instruction, Less Lethal Instruction, and Sabre Instruction Courses.

In 2002, an internal move to Criminal Investigations eventually led to a 2005 promotion to lieutenant. In May 2008, his training and knowledge continued to pay off with an appointment to Patrol Major.  Major Calhoun continues to serve the community managing day-to-day operations of patrolling county roads, streets and highways, enforcement of traffic violations, and grant numbers. He is also responsible for daily security operations of the juvenile center, courthouse, and courtrooms. 


Lt. Chris Swanner

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Day Shift


Lt. Chris Swanner began his career with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office in 1997 as a detention officer. In the same year, he completed his detention officer certification at the University of Southern Mississippi.

After a year, he made the transfer within the Sheriff’s Office to law enforcement as an agent for the Drug Task Force, attending MLEOTA in 1998 where he earned Top Cop for fitness.

Lt. Swanner earned several certifications during his narcotics law enforcement career, including DEA Clandestine Lab Safety, Basic Airborne Counter Drug Operations, Interview and Statement Analysis at Louisiana State University, and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Undercover Training and Survival. Adding to his training resume’, Lt. Swanner became an official K9 Handler and Interstate Drug Interdiction Officer. He attended a 2007 K9 Certification Training Course and several more training courses at RCTA.  He retired his last K9 and made an internal transfer to patrol deputy in 2011, after several years of committed service with the Drug Task Force.

In 2012 Lt. Swanner became a member of the SWAT Team, and in the following year, received a promotion to sergeant. During his time as a sergeant, he furthered his training by attending Crisis Intervention, Glock Armorer, AR Armorer, and Stinger Spike User Courses.

After years of hard work and dedicated service for the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Swanner received a 2018 promotion to lieutenant of day shift patrol, where he serves today.


Lt. Ruston Russell

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Night Shift


Lt. Ruston Russell began his law enforcement career with the Meridian Police Department in 2002. He graduated from MLEOTA that same year. Lt. Russell left the city in May 2003 to work for the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office. He feels blessed for his time as K-9 handler in 2005, and as one of the founding members of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team. In 2007, Lt. Russell was promoted to night shift sergeant. The beginning of 2008 proved to be a sad and tragic one when his K-9 handling career ended with the death of beloved K-9 Case, April 1, 2008. Later in 2008, he began his service as night shift lieutenant. Lt Russell's supervisory duties include overseeing and monitoring the operations of the two, night shifts, assisting patrol by answering calls for service, and taking reports. 

He is currently the Sniper Team Leader for the SWAT Team as well as a TASER instructor, firearms instructor, and department armorer. His entire law enforcement career has been on night shift.


Shift Leaders


Sgt. Clifford Holloway


A Shift

Sgt. Andy Matuszewski

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B Shift

Sgt. Kris Cokel 


C Shift 

Sgt. Steve Thomas


D Shift


Courthouse Security 


Any person entering the Lauderdale County Courthouse will be subject to search for prohibited items. These searches may involve the removal of jackets, belts, shoes, and other loose items found in pockets and on the person. All persons will be directed to pass through a metal detector. If a person is unable to clear the walk-through metal detector, the deputies will use a non-intrusive hand held. Deputies may conduct pat searches on individuals who are unable to pass the walk-through metal detector or the hand-held successfully.